Achieve your dreams with the right partner.

Wilak Financial Group has an umbrella of loan programs to help its clients move closer to their dreams. Clients have access to different trusted loaners to help fund their real estate investments. We endeavor to provide the best financial option that will complement their property needs.

Government Loans
With support from the federal government, borrowers can easily acquire funds for their property needs. The agency offers this loan program to provide its diverse clients access to insured loans with lower interest rates and easier qualification requirements.
Conventional Loans
This loan program assists home buyers, especially those with high credit scores, to find the best home with lower costs and terms. This offers flexibility to home buyers as they can choose from diverse payment options and varying term lengths.
Construction Loans
Building your home from sketch is an exciting experience, but it can be as expensive as buying a home or even more. Our construction loan program offers a way for homeowners to buy land, draft plans, take out permits, pay for labor and essential materials to complete their construction or renovations. A series of installments are given to homeowners during the process of completion according to the construction timeline. We also ensure to inspect and evaluate the status of construction before each payment.
Hard Money Loans
These short-term bridge loans are commonly used in real estate transactions when homeowners need to raise money quickly. Compared to most conventional loans, hard money loans do not require a down payment, nor do they rely on the creditworthiness of the borrower. Instead, this loan uses the value of the homeowner’s assets as collateral. When homeowners don’t want to go through the long approval process of traditional loans, this is the one to go.

To learn more about this program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our representatives are always prepared to accommodate you.