Dependable mortgage and real estate agency in California
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Our Mission

Wilak Financial Group strives to assist home buyers and real estate investors go through the process of mortgaging and purchasing a property conveniently.

For mortgage and real estate services in Inglewood, California, Wilak Financial Group is the agency you can trust! Our goal is to help home buyers find practical deals that suit their estate needs. The agency was established in 2005, making our experience, scope, and knowledge of the history and development of the real estate market our edge in the industry. We preen on sustaining an upstanding record throughout the years by maintaining transparency with the client’s loans and other transactions.

The agency plays a productive role in the industry as it promotes bonafide and safe loans and real estate proceedings. Wilak Financial Group works in collaboration with prudent and apt agents, attorneys, CPAs, and other specialists that can help clients make well-informed and practical decisions. It is the agency’s decorum to serve its clients with excellence and utmost respect and integrity without discrimination.