Ask Us: How Important Is Location in Real Estate?


Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or on your third home, buying a home is always a huge undertaking. That is why making the right decisions at the get-go is not only crucial but also necessary.

A common mistake we observe from our clients when we provide real estate services in Inglewood, California is making decisions based on the house itself they are looking to buy, and not the location.

However, unless you are confident you would not need access to any local amenities or go into emergency, your home’s location should be your priority. As your trusted mortgage and real estate agency at Wilak Financial Group, in the community, allow us to list the top reasons for this:

  • You can’t change the location
    …or update it, but you can with your house. Add a porch, tear down a bedroom, even renovate the whole place, the possibilities are endless when you decide on the location, not the house.
  • Your property value depends on the location
    Your location has a huge impact on the desirability of your home. The closer your place is to your community center, the more likely for your home to appreciate in the future.
  • Your location will decide your convenience
    Commute time, walkability, access to schools, emergency services, transportation, and other local amenities of your community, make for healthier lifestyles and more time to do other things other than sitting in traffic. So, while you may discover ways to work around these restrictions, there’s no doubt that it will eat up your time in the long run, adding unnecessary stress to your life.

Don’t make the same mistake—remember to choose the right location first, and the rest will follow.

Need professional real estate and mortgage services in California? Don’t hesitate to reach us today, a dedicated real estate agent will be sure to accommodate you.

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